Privacy policy

Regarding the processing and protection of personal data of users of the site (rules for the protection of information about users of the site)

This privacy policy sets out the rules for using the information that the Site Administration receives from users of the specified site.

1. Terms and definitions

This Privacy Policy uses the following terms and definitions: 1.1. Site administration-employees , who directly organize or process personal data Users entering the site. The administration acts as an operator carrying out the processing of personal data, determines the purposes of the processing of personal data, the composition of personal data to be processed, actions (operations) performed with personal data;

1.2. Users are adult and capable natural persons who use the functionality of the site.

1.3. Personal data is information and information relating to the users of the site, which users independently and voluntarily transmit to administration as part of the use of the site features. The composition of personal data is determined by these rules.

1.4. The processing of personal data any action (operation), or a set of activities (operations of), committed with the help of automation tools or without the use of such means of processing of personal data, including collection, registration, organization, storage, retention, accuracy (updating, modification), extraction, use, transmission (distribution, provision of access), depersonalization, blocking, deletion, destruction of personal data.

2. General provisions

2.1. This Privacy Policy (the" Rules") governs the processing and protection of information relating to users of the site located on the domain name (ci – after referred to as "the site").

2.2. The purpose of this Regulation is to ensure adequate protection of user information against unauthorised access and disclosure. The rules govern the treatment of personal data.

2.3. These Rules do not apply to third party Internet activities and resources.

2.5. The administration reserves the right to make changes to the features of the site at its sole discretion, to make changes to these Rules without notice to the User by placing a new version on the site.

2.6. The administration of the site is not responsible for the consequences related to the fact that the User has not read the rules set out in this policy.

3. Provide information by the User

3.1. The beginning of the use of the site, the transmission of information about yourself by filling out the forms presented on the site, is an action signifying the acceptance of these present Rules and conditions established by them for the processing of personal data of the User. In case of disagreement with the Rules, the User must stop using the site.

3.2. The administration, acting reasonably and in good faith, considers that the User:

has all necessary rights to allow it to use the site in accordance with its purpose;

indicates reliable information about himself, his contact details in the quantities necessary and sufficient to use the services of the site;

does not use anyone else's personal data;

has read and consents to this Regulation.

3.3. The administration due to the technical characteristics of the site does not verify the accuracy of the information received (collected) about Users, Users determine independently the content and composition of the information published for the purpose of using the site and are liable in case of violation of the rights of third parties as a result of the publication information about them on the site.

3.4. The User's consent to the processing of personal data by the Administration and acceptance of the conditions of these Rules is sent using the functionality automatic of the site by clicking on the special button provided on the site, filling out the forms to send personal data.

3.5. The user with the help of the automatic functionality of the site gives his consent to the processing of personal data freely, by his will and in his interest, the User is informed that this consent is informed and aware.

4. Composition of user information

The user transmits the following information to the Administration of the site:

4.1. the personal information that the User provides about himself in the process of using the site, sufficient to provide services:

4.1.1. in order to send a service request, the User indicates:

name and surname;

phone number;

email address.

4.1.2. in order to get advice (online support), the User of the site places a mobile phone number, the User can also ask a question through the form displayed on the Site, while the User indicates in a special form the mobile phone number, e-mail, his question.

4.2. data that are automatically transmitted during their use on the site through the software installed on the User's device, including information about the IP address, information from cookies, information about the User's browser, the time of access, the address of the requested page.

4.3. on the site, it is possible to use web analysis programs that collect anonymous data (unrelated to the personal data of the User) on visits to the site in order to evaluate the use of the site and improve it.

5. Purposes of processing personal data

5.1. The user provides the Administration with personal data for the following purposes:

of the User, in order to answer the User's questions in case of receipt of the corresponding request;

to establish feedback with the User, in order to register the User to provide services;

compliance with contractual and pre-contractual obligations towards the User;

provide the User with customer support.

5.2. Newsletters, messages about special offers, other information can be sent on behalf of the site, about the contact data specified by Users only with the consent of the User, expressed using automation tools.

6. Methods and deadlines for processing personal data

6.1. The period of processing of personal data is calculated from the moment the user has given his consent to such processing and can be supplemented by a written revocation of the User, as well as in the event that the purposes of the processing of personal data are exhausted (i.e. the moment when it is no longer necessary to process the data personal).

6.2. The processing of personal data is carried out in an automated manner (using the software functionality of the site), as well as manually by employees during registration personal data on material media. Privacy protection measures are also taken for each mode of processing.

7. Methods of processing personal data

7.1. The processing of personal data of Users is carried out on a legal and voluntary basis only for the purpose of correctly using the site, including communication with the User when submitting a request for services.

7.2. The administration undertakes not to disclose or disseminate personal data to third parties, nor to publish them in the public domain.

7.3. Information and personal data of Users are stored on electronic media.

7.4. The administration takes technical and organizational and legal measures to ensure the protection of information and personal data of Users from access illegal or accidental to them, destruction, modification, blocking, copying, distribution, as well as other illegal actions to the extent available according to technical properties of the site, taking into account its essence.

7.5. Employees who receive confidential information about Users ensure that confidential information is protected and are responsible for its protection.

7.6. The personal data processed are destroyed or anonymized when the purposes of the processing are achieved or in case of loss of the need for the processing of personal data, as well as when the user withdraws consent to the processing of personal data.