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Since the earliest days of cryptocurrency and blockchain there have been transitions and phases, from a tool being used by only a few passionate technologists, to one now which is finally pressing against the barriers of the mainstream.
We believe this current phase is the most important, as this is when the long-term direction of cryptocurrency and blockchain as a tools to be used by all of humanity will be decided, and the repercussions of which may very well lead the industry out of the darkness and cannibalism it’s seen until now.
As wider adoption has gradually come about, new ideas and ways to improve upon the efforts of the early pioneers of cryptocurrency are being infused into their creations.
The major bull run of 2017 and subsequent retraction of most of 2018 have served two dual purposes: To finally bring blockchain and cryptocurrency to the general public, and then to carry forward the truest realisation available to us today, that the infrastructure, innovation and culture surrounding this space is it’s future – not the scams, get-rich-quick schemes and pump and dumps.
With exposure has come the influx of the inspired minds required to connect and build the blockchain industry, and to take it to a new level. Now, the technological frontier of the internet at-large has been replaced by powerful technologies such as AI, VR and blockchain.
The opportunities available online have become the most highly concentrated within these spaces, and as we move further into the 21st century, novelty and experimentation will develop into mastery and a new definition of what humanity is and what humanity can achieve.
With that we extend a warm welcome to anyone that holds an interest in blockchain technology and the cryptocurrency markets, to use our tools to connect with others, prosper, learn, grow and build a brighter future for this industry than has been imagined until now.

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Cryptocurrency is poised for widespread adoption within the coming years as the initial phase of its growth comes to an end and the next step in its evolution begins.

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