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  1. Jasicajames

    AI Development Company

    What is Artificial Intelligence(AI)? AI is basically a machine with the ability to perform cognitive functions such as perceiving, learning, reasoning and solve problems are deemed to hold artificial intelligence. Where to buy End-End AI Solutions and AI Services? There are so many providers...
  2. Jasicajames

    Is Bitcoin traceable and is it taxable?

    Bitcoin is basically a digital currency which a user can transfer from one wallet to another, initially while you add bitcoin to the wallet tax will be imposed but after that, you may transfer it to n number of people so no further tax will be implemented on it. And all these transactions of...
  3. Jasicajames

    What are the essential tools to use for smart contract dev? (solidity etc)

    In order to learn Solidity, the Programming language for smart contracts following things are necessary Basic of Blockchain Basic of Ethereum Basic of Cryptocurrencies Basic of any kind of programming language. Moreover, nowadays there are many online courses available from where you may learn...