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  1. angelacasan

    Security Token Offerings Provider

    Looking for the best security token offerings provider in the market? You do not have to worry anymore because Blockchain App Factory provides the most innovative and secure way for a variety of services including asset tokenization, STO marketing, and consulting. Drop a line now to enjoy our...
  2. angelacasan

    End-to-end Tokenization platform

    End-to-end tokenization platform Before jumping into the details of developing an end-to-end tokenization platform, one needs to understand the nuances of tokenization. Tokenization is nothing but the process of converting the value of tangible or intangible assets into tokens that can be...
  3. angelacasan

    Tokenize real estate

    There are enormous benefits when you tokenize real estate such as liquidity to an illiquid asset. However, Blockchain App Factory goes further in automating KYC/AML, Investors Verification, and Smart Order Routing.
  4. angelacasan

    Security Token Offering

    Security Token Offerings or STOs are an efficient and reliable means in which a company issues their security tokens to kickstart their business. It is a secure method that is controlled by authorities to prevent scam. To launch your own, Blockchain App Factory can help you go a long way. Check...
  5. angelacasan

    Digital Marketer at Blockchain App Factory

    Digital Marketer at Blockchain App Factory