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  1. Martin.

    Differences Between AI & Machine Learning & Why it Matters

    "Artificial intelligence and machine learning are changing the world entirely, but some are confused between the two terms that what they truly are. Sometimes they used as synonyms while in other cases; they are used as discrete or parallel advancements. But if you want to use these two in an...
  2. Martin.

    STO’s in 60 seconds

    Security Token Issuance Platform TokenSoft Announces Support For Tezos: As of July 8th 2019, TokenSoft officially supports security token issuance on the Tezos blockchain. The two companies have worked together for more than a year, with recent smart contract developments leading to the recent...
  3. Martin.

    Programming the Tello Drone Using Swift

    This article explores how to write a simple iOS app in Swift to allow control of the Tello Quadcopter:
  4. Martin.

    Everything You Need to Know About Facebook's Upcoming Cryptocurrency

    it's been reported Facebook will cede control of the bitcoin rival to "an independent foundation" in an effort to both deflect accusations of centralization and soothe financial regulators. I don't trust a word they say, unfortunately, I don't feel the wider population will feel the same...
  5. Martin.

    Trading with Margins and Leverage

    From the research I have done so far, it seems that most people do NOT recommend trading with leverage (passionately). Which is understandable, and tbh is nice to see people showing concern for one another. However, I am interested nonetheless :p ...and I'm keen to hear a variety of...
  6. Martin.

    What is the most accurate system for assessing ICO's

    I think common sense comes into play with this... if you can genuinely get excited about a project and see yourself wanting to use it, that's always a good start! Then thoroughly look into the team's credibility, skills and competency and that it is a legitimate enterprise. Obviously...
  7. Martin.

    Best dApp building API's & SDKs

    Looking for suggestions for the best dApp building tools for a blockchain beginner? I've been recommended Arkane Network so far... thoughts?