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  1. daveyd

    How to Tokenize art?

    It's a very interesting blockchain application with a lot of potential - are also working on solving this.
  2. daveyd

    AION Swap Final Day

    Last day to exchange AION tokens!
  3. daveyd

    BAT (Basic Attention Token) Referral Program

    Free money available for people with marketing reach, there's a referral program giving BAT tokens just for getting people to use the awesome Brave browser, check out the details here: Good time to take advantage as there's $1m grant available for now. Anyone active on...
  4. daveyd

    Coinmarketcap Data in Advanced Charts

    Fellow traders - Check out this great free website where you can call up detailed Coinmarketcap data into TradingView style charts: For example you can look up the total market cap in an advanced chart or a host of other options such as a coin 'supply' or even...
  5. daveyd

    Which cryptocurrency exchange has the best user interface?

    Binance, Coinbase, Bitstamp and Kraken are all reputable exchanges. Be wary of little known exchanges, unfortunately there are many bad actors, but on the plus side the exchanges mentioned are building up great reputations for reliability in the industry.