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    Python and TradingView alerts

    Yep, I had read your scripts. It's very well done, clean and readable. That is my next step should this fail. I would guess the indicator is based on the Heiken Ashi chart (trying to detect trend change). On a different note, one of...
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    Python and TradingView alerts

    Below is my TradingView screen. Just a simple BNBBTC chart with the "KISS with Heiken Arrows with Alerts" indicator. I am very new to this. So I assume that the TradingView will generate the alert (with the right plan) when the Arrows (and alerts) are triggered and it will be sent to...
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    Python and TradingView alerts

    Does anyone have an example OR ideas on how to get signals/alerts from TradingView? Or what would be the best/most reliable way to get it? A long winded way seems to be getting the signal sent to my email and then have python comb through my email and find the signal. Thanks.
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    What do you hope to gain from using the Crypto Algo Trading Subforum?

    Bounce 'strategies' ideas of experts/peers/like minded folks Help with Python New info on what's new / latest trend in crypto-algo/bot trading
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    Welcome to any new crypto algo traders!

    25+ years in IT industry. Been around the block in all sorts of roles. Was developer in my younger years. Last 5 years was messing around with Unity trying to do games dev as hobby. Last month, I started crypto on binance and was amazed that it offered free data and api-based trading. Self...