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  1. Alframen

    What are the biggest developments or pieces of research today relating to GAI?

    With machine learning and deep learning there have been huge progresses for years now, but is there much research focused on GAI specifically instead of just developing better ML/DL?
  2. Alframen

    The two free tools are awesome - anything for large movements of crypto on blockchains?

    This is an excellent suggestion and I'm also interested
  3. Alframen

    How GANs are the opposite of discriminative algorithms (ie. generative)

    Thanks for your insight. Do you work only with GANs or with other models as well? Do you think there is more potential for GANs in the future, or for CNNs, or RNNs?
  4. Alframen

    AI The Conference on Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence (UAI), Tel Aviv, 22nd - 25th July, 2019

    The Conference on Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence (UAI) is one of the premier international conferences on research related to knowledge representation, learning, and reasoning in the presence of uncertainty. UAI is supported by the Association for Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence...