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  1. IVOnoXx

    Series 3 Apple Watch chimes continuously when I'm charging it up.. any ideas?

    I can't fully charge my Apple watch at night without there being constant chiming after it's full. I've looked everywhere to try to find a fix, anybody know what's up with it?
  2. IVOnoXx

    Are 3D printing fumes dangerous?

    I'm thinking of buying a 3d printer soon to experiment with some micro-manufacturing, and I wanted to ask anyone with a bit of experience whether 3d printing fumes are indeed dangerous or not?
  3. IVOnoXx

    How to get all historic data from Binance's API using this script, and build MACD, RSI etc.

    This is great - would be good to see some more scripts like this for other exchanges as well and plotting data.
  4. IVOnoXx

    Crypto Introducing BitBond - Bitcoin-Based Lending

    Producthunt Review: Business financing in 30 minutes Bridge liquidity gaps and try new product lines with instant financing from Bitbond.
  5. IVOnoXx

    AION Swap Final Day

    Great project, thanks for the link!
  6. IVOnoXx

    Mit's Blockchain Institute has some great articles and papers
  7. IVOnoXx

    Bitcoin Whitepaper by Satashi Nakamoto