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  1. J.Babe.Abel

    Top 5 Trading Platforms to Short Crypto

    Q2 in 2019 has seen some of the most promising market movement by the crypto community in quite some time, having come off the back of 2018’s bear market and Q1 of 2019 trending sideways for the most part. However, during that downtime, many traders took to short selling for the first...
  2. J.Babe.Abel

    Looking for detailed introduction to cryptocurrency

    Great summary here! highly recommend reading for anyone who's wanting to learn
  3. J.Babe.Abel

    Everything You Need to Know About Facebook's Upcoming Cryptocurrency

    f*ck facebook! I wish it was almost anyone else that developed this new global cryptocurrency... Trust score = 0%
  4. J.Babe.Abel

    Hey Guys

    Hopefully more people like you share their knowledge here also, this forum will be such an incredible resource!
  5. J.Babe.Abel

    Hey Guys

    Nice work Millie, enjoyed the VR guide!
  6. J.Babe.Abel

    I have to defeat my coffee addiction

    It's true...if we were in good health then we shouldn't really be reliant on anything! Nevertheless...personally (for me), I say "fill her up" haha
  7. J.Babe.Abel

    I have to defeat my coffee addiction

    As long as you don't drink excessive amounts then there's no reason you should give it up... there are many benefits to drinking coffee, and increasing focus is absolutely one of them. Plus, everyone's different... don't be shamed out of drinking coffee, it's the best!! :D:coffee:(y) If your...
  8. J.Babe.Abel

    What is the most accurate system for assessing ICO's

    Well the SEC is finally taking REAL action and cracking down any foul play and fraudulent actors, so soon I believe that only the strong will survive.