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    Launching ICO/STO Marketing Services for Small, Medium & Enterprise Audience Globally!

    Hi All! It's our pleasure to announce our exclusive ICO/STO Marketing Services for our Global Community! We Zab Technologies have a team of Digital Marketing Experts who have handled Crypto projects with good numbers of proven ROI's and they are considered to be the Industries best strategy...
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    Are you looking to Launch Binance like Exchange app for your Business? Free Demo is Here!

    If you are looking to build your cryptocurrency Exchange software for unbelievably affordable pricing - Please check out Zab Technologies! We are a pioneer in creating blockchain-based applications. With the recent update from Binance's (DEX) Decentralized Exchange platform, there is umpteen...
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    Are you Looking for Licensed Bitcoin/Altcoin Exchange for your Business? Get Free Demo!

    Hi There! Being in the hottest period of time for Investment, make chance to explore our upgraded Crypto platform Development with latest Stack. They consist of 70+ Experienced Blockchain Developers who has more than 5+ years of experience in handling cryptocurrency based product/service...
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    Planning to get Crypto Exchange App for your Business? Get Free Demo!

    Grab our Exclusive update of Cryptocurrency Exchange Application with high standards of security modules in it! Even if you need an exact clone for Binance & Coinbase we can able to deliver for you in a week period of time with very much affordable price. Our app plays a great role with a...
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    Get Customised Bitcoin Exchange Software for your new Business (FREE DEMO)

    Hi everyone! Among all the businesses in the crypto world currently, Exchange Business is blown to a greater phase with Bitcoins unexpected price surge! Today's Bitcoin price update is $7,029.97 and still, it is expected to grow further in upcoming hours! More than Industry experts...
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    Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Services

    Here is the best source for Cryptocurrency Exchange Software solutions Zab Technologies. They Deliver the Strongest Escrow System with high performance Fastest trading matching algorithm Check out their Official Website and Free Demo Right Away
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    STO’s in 60 seconds

    Well Explained! Here is the Service Provider for STO(Security Token Offering Services) - Zab Technologies
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    Create your own Cryptocurrency Coin like Bitcoin or Altcoins in the Market (Get Quote)

    With the Tremendous Success of Bitcoin price, the rise of altcoin has been increased to a greater margin. Currently Bitcoin Price - $11,616.40 According to experts words this is the right time for Venturing into New Cryptocurrency into the market! So please be sure on what concept you are...
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    What are the essential tools to use for smart contract dev? (solidity etc)

    Zab Technologies is one of the leading source who can develop smart contract for your project! Check out our other premium services which includes ICO Development, IEO Development, Exchange Platform Development, Blockchain Wallet Development, Private Blockchain Development, etc! Get Free Demo -...
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    Get white Label Crypto Exchange Software In Just 2 Weeks

    Here is another trusted source for Developing highly secured cryptocurrency exchange Software which can be done within your budget! Email - Whatsapp - +91 77085 29089 Free Demo -
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    Fully customisable White-Label Bitcoin Exchange Software (Free Demo Link)

    Hi all! Looking to launch your own white-label Bitcoin Exchange Software for affordable price? Zab Technologies can help you deliver a highly secure and reliable software platform for your Business within 30 Days. Instead of investing in creating the script, white label makes the easiest...
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    Crypto Buy Bitcoin Exchange Website with rarest of features you may not know!

    Hi there! Among all the businesses in todays crypto world currently, Exchange Business is blown to a greater phase with Bitcoins unexpected price surge! Today's Bitcoin price update is $8,284.58 and still, it is expected to grow further in upcoming Days! We deliver both Centralized(CEX) and...
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    What is IEO(Initial Exchange Offering) how it become the talk of the town?

    Hi all! Past few weeks experts/enthusiasts /Investors from the industries are trying to catch up what exactly IEO is? This is becoming common in Crypto industry that, every week or every month we are hearing some new names around and start exploring it. In that list IEO(Initial Exchange...