12 Top Machine Learning APIs


Nov 24, 2018
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"Machine Learning technology can be applied for various functions that developers may want to provide, including facial recognition, fraud detection, language identification & translation, contextual awareness, financial services, video analysis, autonomous robot, machine & car operations, conversation and speech patterns, text analysis, semantics, and even drawing".

"Application Programming Interfaces, or APIs are driving the insurgence of Machine Learning".

According to major tech source, Programmable Web, here are the top 12:
  1. IBM Watson Discovery API
  2. TensorFlow API
  3. Google's ML Kit API
  4. Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services Computer Vision API
  5. Wit.AI API
  6. Chattermill API
  7. BigML API
  8. Amazon Machine Learning API
  9. AudD Music Recognition API
  10. Dialogflow Enterprise API
  11. RxNLP Cluster Sentences API
  12. Intento API
To read more on each of these APIs, check out the full article: https://www.programmableweb.com/news/12-top-machine-learning-apis/brief/2019/08/11
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