For Sale Historic Data of over 5,000 ICO's, STO's and IEO's


May 6, 2019
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Historic Data of over 5,000 ICO's, STO's and IEO's - (

Meticulously gathered and compiled collection of blockchain projects with data spanning the last 2 years
and including ICO's, STO's and IEO's.

Each project data point contains information like:

Name of the project
Project URL
(Optional at extra cost) Email address
Token/Coin symbol
Start and Finished dates of Pre-Sale (if any.)
Start and Finish dates of Main Sale
Current Status

IEO Launchpad (if IEO.)

The dataset has been collected over time from a number of different sources, and would provide a powerful
solution for media outlets, marketers, blockchain researchers and ICO, STO and IEO investors and traders.

Data will be comprised of pre-existing data and freshly researched data in order to ensure that the list is
up-to-date upon delivery and will contain current and upcoming projects for up to 6 months in the
future as well as the entire historical database.

1) Order this dataset with all data points mentioned above (except email addresses) for: $25

2) Order this dataset with the inclusion of email data for as many projects as possible for: $45

To place an order post "Dataset with email SOLD" or "Dataset without email SOLD" within

this thread and details on payment and collection of the dataset will be sent via PM.
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