PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING: Data Market Rules and Guidelines


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Jul 8, 2018
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The Data Market is designed to allow programmers and data traders to list datasets for sale which other users may purchase. Alternately, the secondary purpose of the Data Market is to allow anyone that would like certain datasets to be sourced to create a request for data traders to do so, and then for data traders to provide quotes to the requester.

In order to provide clarity and guidelines regarding how members should proceed with using the Data Market, we have created this set of rules which should be seen as an addition to the General Forum Guidelines found here.

Before posting, please take the time to ensure that your properly understand both guidelines in order to assist in the standardization of listings within this section.

Rules for using the Data Market:

  1. Only what classifies as "data" should be listed here. This includes datasets in the form of spreadsheets, groups of images for use in AI training and any other document or groups of documents that can be considered as data.

  2. Only list data which you legally own and have copyright over. Do not list data on this platform that is obtained illegally or is itself illegal in nature.

  3. A detailed explanation of what you are listing for sale should be provided, and any questions from prospective buyers should be answered within the thread publicly to assist further buyers (except for discussions which clearly should be private in nature such as payment/transaction discussions).

  4. Prices and available methods of payment must be clearly provided for all listings.

  5. All listings must be approved by an admin or moderator before any business taking place. If you are a buyer and do not see that a listing has been approved you should understand that we have not yet assessed the listing for its merits.

  6. Please also be aware that the approval of any listing do NOT amount to an endorsement of what is being sold, and we would advise all users to conduct due diligence of all listings. If in doubt, contact an admin or moderator to discuss beforehand.

By violating any of these rules, or other rules within Stadivm we may take contravening actions that include but are not limited to warnings, moving and removing content, or permanently banning offending users from the site.

If you have any questions regarding these rules, please private message an administrator of the site to discuss further.
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