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Mar 16, 2019
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Hello Everyone.

I am here to learn more about crypto and blockchain, and to promote a company in which I own stock.

I am recently retired and am a stockholder in a company called Strikeforece Technologies, Inc. We have a subsidiary called BlockSafe Technologies, Inc. that is launching an STO for the BSAFE token.

I am taking this on as a retirement project to promote the STO and the patented software products that support the revenue sharing BSAFE token. I want to get the word out about the STO, the software products and the affiliate program.

We are in Pre-STO now and doing quite well. Our STO is scheduled to begin March 25, 2019.

BSAFE is the new revenue sharing token. It will pay a quarterly dividend to token holders based on 10% of the Gross Revenue from software product sales.

Our software secures Wallets, Exchanges and Private Blockchains.

I am looking forward to meeting people with a passion for the blockchain ecosystem.