Which is the best STO protocol?

Nov 26, 2018
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With the way the blockchain industry is headed, which of these top ranked security token issuers do you believe is best? Why?

Swarm's (SRC-20 protocol)
Polymath's (ST-20 protocol
Harbor (R-token standard)
Securitize (DS protocol)
Tokeny (T-REX protocol)

I've mainly been looking into Swarm and Polymath personally, as they probably have the most credibility (as far as I've seen). If not these, then which STO provider do you suggest? (again why?).

I'm keen to learn more and hear fellow investors thoughts as I'm only just starting to navigate this new territory. Really keen to start participating in real-world investment opportunities alongside my cryptocurrency portfolio.



Swarm is my pick of the bunch. The project has additionally developed MAP (Market Access Protocol) which makes their SCR20 token compatible and interoperable with all other security tokens and networks that integrate it - like OpenFinance Network for example (a security token trading platform). This means their tokenized assets are liquid and tradable with other tokens. More than that alone, the Swarm Fund is governed by its community of investors and masternode operators, making it truly democratized - which is what makes me love this industry!


Feb 25, 2019
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Polymath is a blockchain stage built up by Trevor Leverkor. The fundamental motivation behind the stage is to enable the regular budgetary securities to incorporate with the blockchain tech. What's more, the best thing about this stage is that it has a nitty-gritty guide in general tokenization process. Polymath is giving the specialized and lawful answers for securitizing your stocks, bonds or different resources on a blockchain.
They have their very own ST-20 token standard for it and furthermore their local smart contracts.

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