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May 23, 2019
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Zignaly is a crypto trading platform built for signals. You can trade automatically using signals from providers or trade manually using the trading terminal where you can set the entire entry/close strategy at once with options that are not available directly on the exchanges.

Ways to use Zignaly

  1. Automatically with signals, using their signals and settings.
  2. Automatically using your own signals with the TradingView integration
  3. Manually using our complete Trading Terminal

Why Zignaly?

Our focus on signals and transparency is our strong differentiator. It’s not about the number of signal providers or even signals, it’s all about quality and profitability. We give powerful options to the providers to act upon any market changes quickly and adjust the strategy on the fly. Being able to send sell signals, stop loss values, trailing stop values, panic sell signals, DCA rebuy signals, 1-click auto-settings, and lots of options. We work closely with them to continuously update and improve the platform and API.

As we are built for signals, our platform is able to buy and sell with profit even in the same second after the signal sometimes.

Some of our features

  • Cloud-based
  • Unlimited coin pairs
  • TradingView Bot
  • Signal providers
  • Trailing Stop
  • DCA Rebuys
  • Clone feature (To adjust the settings per quote for example)
  • Analytics

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